SMEs in the UK – Brexit opportunity or challenge?

2019 Feb 20, Wednesday

2019 Feb 20, Wednesday

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Brexit has dominated politics of the UK for the last 24 months with its implications being either apocalyptic or ‘the next best thing’. What is clear is that Brexit will have an impact upon the economy of the UK, the EU and also parts of the world. Does the UK continue to be an attractive place to do business? Will it be able to deal with the headwinds of Brexit or will it flounder? The seminar will deal with this and also give you a look into the UK SMEs and how they operate and what Brexit will mean for them and for you.

Presentation Outline:

1. Brexit – Update:

a. What is happening?

b. Impact upon trade.

c. What is the relationship with the EU and SE Asia in the future.

d. How can Malaysian business exploit the uncertainty around Brexit

2. UK – SME business

a. What is the profile of business

b. The business environment in the UK

c. Trade with UK SME – a summar

3. Sector specific intelligence

a. Manufacturing

b. Advanced manufacturing


Key Takeaways:

The seminar will seek to give you some understanding and the outlook of UK SMEs and to consider the opportunities that they may have in the current economic climate.


Speaker’s profile

Mr. Kiley Tan is the founder and director of Mosaic International Limited, a consultancy offering specialised advice and services to businesses entering markets in the UK and South East Asia. Before founding Mosaic International, Kiley had a successful career in the legal industry in Penang, Malaysia and Sheffield, England, having experience in both contentious and non-contentious commercial law. His experience in the commercial world and the business culture of both locations is now being used to give his clients a competitive advantage. He resides in Sheffield but would like to be in Penang a bit more than twice a year.

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