SMART Capability Building Workshop 37: Ethical Decision Making & Management Liabilities- Understanding & Managing Risk at Your Workplace

2016 Jun 06, Monday

2016 Jun 06, Monday

SMART Centre, Level 2, PSDC Building

The main responsibility of director or the board of directors is to act on behalf of shareholders. While officers are appointed to take responsibility for the management and day-to-day operations of the company. They involved in many decision making in the companies while ensuring compliance with general and specific laws applying to their companies’ operations.

Yet, many directors and officers are not fully aware that they could be the target of legal action and personally liable as a result of their management and business decisions they take in their day-to-day work.

Therefore, we encourage SMEs, Entrepreneurs, Directors & Officers to take this opportunity to understand the risks that you are facing resulting from your day-to-day business decision that you made in the capacity as directors & officers and know the way how to manage these risks so to give you a peace in mind in running your corporate practice/business.

Join us in this insightful workshop, which will:

• Help you to understand the potential risk areas that you could be the target of legal actions resulting from your day-to-day action/inaction on business decision that you made and/or employment practices that you implemented in the capacity as director or officer.

• Understand the way to manage/reduce the damage caused by the management liability that you may be facing resulting from your action or inaction in the capacity as director or officer.

Presentation outline
1. Legal case studies on management liabilities outside and inside of Malaysia.
2. Current business environment.
3. Mind mapping. Understand how these management liabilities are relevant to you at your workplace.
4. How your company can reduce the damage caused by management liabilities at workplace?


2.00 - 2.30pm: Registration
2.30 - 4.00pm: Presentation Session
4.00 - 4.30pm: Q&A/ Discussion Session
4.30 - 5.00pm: End of Program/ Networking Coffee

  • Participation to the event is FREE.
  • All interested participants can register online by completing the information required. As seats are limited, acceptance of registration will be on ‘first come first serve’ basis, and each company will be allocated maximum of 2 representatives only.
  • The registration shall close on 2 June 2016 (Thursday).
  • For further enquiry or should you face any problem in online registration, please email or contact 04-640 9988

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