SMART Capability Workshop 35: Decoding the Gen-Ys for Business Success!

2015 Dec 08, Tuesday

2015 Dec 08, Tuesday

SMART Centre. Level 2, PSDC Building

The Millennials or Gen Y, born between 1980 and 2000 are the largest group and will emerge in shaping and dominate the Malaysian workplace in near future. However, Gen Y have earned bad reputation, as their characteristics and work expectations are very different from their predecessors.

In reality, Gen Y are a fantastic asset to the business because they are flexible, adaptable and their work ethic and general way of thinking can improve and transform the business. Therefore, we encourge SMEs, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Managers & HR practitioners to join us to understand this generation and develop strategies that bring out the best of the Gen Y to work with you and produce exponential results for your organization

Join us in this insightful event, which will:

  • Enhance your Clarity, Knowledge and Appreciation of the Gen-Y talents according to the latest Statistics, Trends and Foreseeable Collected Data on Managing Them
  • Help you to develop strategies on tackling the Gen-Y & Management Gap in the workplace by reflecting on current organizational approaches and programmes in retaining and growing them
  • Help you on designing a ‘Management & Company Culture’ which would bridge the gap with working effectively with the Gen-Ys

Presentation outline

  1. Who are the Gen-Ys/ Youths?
  • Establishing ‘common understanding and grounds’ about the Gen-Ys
  • Activity: Group brainstorming about the Gen-Ys characteristics, habits and what can Management do to embed those desired Characteristics in them.
  1. What are the ‘Alarming Trends’ of Gen-Ys in the work market?
  • Drawing comparisons with those of Gen-Xs and Senior- What implications do their difference bring
  • Sharing of Best Practices of Shifting Trends of working with the Gen-Ys
  1. Case Studies on ‘Gen-Y Employer of Choice’ Companies & SMEs
  1. The R.A.C.E. model ™ on Bridging the Gen-Y & Senior Generation Gaps
  • Discussion about the “Need for Change” in the 21st Century Corporate Culture.
  • The ‘Respect-Adaptable- Communicate- Experience’ (R.A.C.E) model founded based on Thriving Talents 4 years of work with clients from the MNCs and Governmental sectors on ‘Attracting, Retaining and Growing the Gen-Ys to become Peak Performers in their organizations.
  1. How SME Business Owners & HR can Inspire the Gen-Ys – The Aristotle model (350 BC)
  • Communicating & Engaging the Gen-Ys- Become an ‘Inspiration’ to them
  • Enhance clarity in the direction of areas to grow your organization with the Gen-Ys.
  • Reflecting on ‘Growth Questions’


8.30-9.00am    : Registration/ Networking Coffee

9.00-12.00pm  : Presentation Session

12.00-12.30pm: Q&A/ Discussion Session

12.30pm          : End of Program

  • Participation to the event is FREE.
  • All interested participants can register online by completing the information required. As seats are limited, acceptance of registration will be on ‘first come first serve’ basis, and each company will be allocated maximum of 2 representatives only.
  • The registration shall close on 7 December 2015 (Monday).
  • For further enquiry or should you face any problem in online registration, please email or contact 04-640 9988.


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